About Me?

Hi, I’m  Satyam, Mumbaikar currently, but a Dilliwala by heart. Metro me Rajiv Chowk pe dhakke aur mumbai local me ghusne, Dilli ki zero degree wali thand aur mumbai me anytime baarish! I’m kinda used to both now 😀

I’m a student of the “famous-for-nerds-typs” Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, an Electrical Engg. Major who loves the fantasy of AI (Read: Jarvis), Virtualisation (Read: Simulators and n-D Gaming Machines) and Electronics! I’m also into the likes of Stargazing and painting, and yeah, I can cook too!

Love the life, roaming around, music, stamps, Anime! (LOL) and recently Korea Kdramas. You said you listen to old songs? Watch Movies? (My Best Oldie- a tie between Chupke Chupke and Golmaal) TV Series? (Don’t tell me you haven’t seen ‘THE” House MD) ? You into Conspiracy Theories? Whoa. Wanna talk about Able Archer and how the world was saved by a double spy from a possible annihilation? Or how Sherry should be with Shinichi Kudo and not with Ran Mouri in the anime “Detective Conan”?

Perfect. You’re awesome and interesting!
Nothing? Hmm, you’re even more interesting!  Bring in a booze and let’s meet soon, would love to hear from you.  [*meanwhile thinks,  “Bring in a booze and let’s meet soon”..wait that rhymes! a bad rhyme though!]

Storm in anytime, to munch on something tasty n’ chat!

Bon appetit! 😀


Mera InstiiPS: Please, I’m not a nerd, as you may supposedly feel. :p

PSS: You ask why? Really ? ok, Because I’m lazy. And sleepy. Reminds me, bugger off!
Go back to sleep, I’m going too.
Tschus! Ciao! Dusvidianian! Douzo Arigato Gozaimasu!
Chaliye milte hain…





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