The dopest Team-up ever…



Star Wars: Grey Jedi & Obi’s Sass


Droid: General, there is an incoming ship.
Grievous: Scan it.
Droid: We're detecting high levels of *sass on board.
Grievous: *slams fist Kenobi!



The FORCE PRIESTESSES were a form of shape-shifter beings, and would mutate their forms to manifest as Serenity, Joy, Anger, Confusion, and Sadness.Serenity, Joy, Anger, Confusion, and Sadness.



Star Wars The Clone Wars: Quotes…

The best show of my growing childhood. Asking dad to allow us (me and my brother) to watch the show back in '08 late at night, and the hurriedness with which we used to finish our all dinner and chores, before the show began. Oh! I seriously miss those days. A show, important part of my life, an inspiration. This show was really a class apart.

Season One



  1. Ambush: “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”
  2. Rising Malevolence: “Belief is not a matter of choice, but conviction.”
  3. Shadow of Malevolence: “Easy is the path to wisdom for those not blinded by ego.”
  4. Destroy Malevolence: “A plan is only as good as those who see it through.”
  5. Rookies: “The best confidence builder is experience.”
  6. Downfall of a Droid: “Trust in your friends, and they’ll have reason to trust in you.”
  7. Duel of the Droids: “You hold onto your friends by keeping your heart a little softer than you head.”
  8. Bombad Jedi: “Heroes are made by the times.”
  9. Cloak of Darkness: “Ignore your instincts at your peril.”
  10. Lair of Grievous: “Most powerful is he who controls his own power.”
  11. Dooku Captured: “The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, regardless of how many turns it takes.”
  12. The Gungan General: “Fail with honor rather than succeed with fraud.”
  13. Jedi Crash: “Greed and fear of loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil.”
  14. Defenders of Peace: “When surrounded by war, one must eventually choose a side.”
  15. Trespass: “Arrogance diminishes wisdom.”
  16. The Hidden Enemy: “Truth enlightens the mind, but won’t always bring happiness to your heart.”
  17. Blue Shadow Virus: “Fear is a disease; hope is its only cure.”
  18. Mystery of a Thousand Moons: “A single chance is a galaxy of hope.”
  19. Storm Over Ryloth: “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”
  20. Innocents of Ryloth: “The costs of war can never be truly accounted for.”
  21. Liberty on Ryloth: “Compromise is a virtue to be cultivated, not a weakness to be despised.”
  22. Hostage Crisis: “A secret shared is a trust formed.”



Season Two




  1. Holocron Heist: “A lesson learned is a lesson earned.”
  2. Cargo of Doom: “Overconfidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness.”
  3. Children of the Force: “The first step to correcting a mistake is patience.”
  4. Senate Spy: “A true heart should never be doubted.”
  5. Landing at Point Rain: “Believe in yourself or no one else will.”
  6. Weapons Factory: “No gift is more precious than trust.”
  7. Legacy of Terror: “Sometimes, accepting help is harder than offering it.”
  8. Brain Invaders: “Attachment is not compassion”
  9. Grievous Intrigue: “For everything you gain, you lose something else.”
  10. The Deserter: “It is the quest for honor that makes one honorable.”
  11. Lightsaber Lost: “Easy isn’t always simple.”
  12. The Mandalore Plot: “If you ignore the past, you jeopardize your future.”
  13. Voyage of Temptation: “Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.”
  14. Duchess of Mandalore: “In war, truth is the first casualty.”
  15. Senate Murders: “Searching for the truth is easy. Accepting the truth is hard.”
  16. Cat and Mouse: “A wise leader knows when to follow.”
  17. Bounty Hunters: “Courage makes heroes, but trust builds friendship.”
  18. The Zillo Beast: “Choose what is right, not what is easy”
  19. The Zillo Beast Strikes Back: “The most dangerous beast is the beast within.”
  20. Death Trap: “Who my father was matters less than my memory of him.”
  21. R2 Come Home: “Adversity is friendship’s truest test.”
  22. Lethal Trackdown: “Revenge is a confession of pain.”



Season Three



  1. Clone Cadets: “Brothers in arms are brothers for life.”
  2. ARC Troopers: “Fighting a war tests a soldier’s skills, defending his home tests a soldier’s heart.”
  3. Supply Lines: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
  4. Sphere of Influence: “A child stolen is a lost hope.”
  5. Corruption: “The challenge of hope is to overcome corruption.”
  6. The Academy: “Those who enforce the law must obey the law.”
  7. Assassin: “The future has many paths — choose wisely.”
  8. Evil Plans: “A failure in planning is a plan for failure.”
  9. Hunt for Ziro: “Love comes in all shapes and sizes.”
  10. Heroes on Both Sides: “Fear is a great motivator.”
  11. Pursuit of Peace: “Truth can strike down the specter of fear”
  12. Nightsisters: “The swiftest path to destruction is through vengeance.”
  13. Monster: “Evil is not born, it is taught.”
  14. Witches of the Mist: “The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty.”
  15. Overlords: “Balance is found in the one who faces his guilt.”
  16. Altar of Mortis: “He who surrenders hope, surrenders life.”
  17. Ghosts of Mortis: “He who seeks to control fate shall never find peace.”
  18. The Citadel: “Adaptation is the key to survival.”
  19. Counterattack: “Anything that can go wrong will.”
  20. Citadel Rescue: “Without honor, victory is hollow.”
  21. Padawan Lost: “Without humility, courage is a dangerous game.”
  22. Wookiee Hunt: “A great student is what the teacher hopes to be.”



Season Four



  1. Water wars: “When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice.”
  2. Gungan Attack: “Only through fire is a strong sword forged.”
  3. Prisoners: “Crowns are inherited, kingdoms are earned.”
  4. Shadow Warrior: “Who a person truly is cannot be seen with the eye.”
  5. Mercy Mission: “Understanding is honoring the truth beneath the surface.”
  6. Nomad Droids: “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?”
  7. Darkness on Umbara: “The first step toward loyalty is trust.”
  8. The General: “The path of ignorance is guided by fear.”
  9. Plan of Dissent: “The wise man leads, the strong man follows.”
  10. Carnage of Krell: Our actions define our legacy.”
  11. Kidnapped: “Where we are going always reflects where we came from.”
  12. Slaves of the Republic: “Those who enslave others inevitably become slaves themselves.”
  13. Escape from Kadavo: “Great hope can come from small sacrifices.”
  14. A Friend in Need: “Friendship shows us who we really are.”
  15. Deception: “All warfare is based on deception.”
  16. Friends and Enemies: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”
  17. The Box: “The strong survive, the noble overcome.”
  18. Crisis on Naboo: “Trust is the greatest of gifts, but it must be earned.”
  19. Massacre: “One must let go of the past to hold onto the future.”
  20. Bounty: “Who we are never changes, who we think we are does.”
  21. Brothers: “A fallen enemy may rise again, but the reconciled one is truly vanquished.”
  22. Revenge: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”



Season Five



  1. Revival: “Strength in character can defeat strength in numbers.”
  2. A War on Two Fronts: “Fear is a malleable weapon.”
  3. Front Runners: “To seek something is to believe in its possibility.”
  4. The Soft War: “Struggles often begin and end with the truth.”
  5. Tipping Points: “Disobedience is a demand for change.”
  6. The Gathering: “He who faces himself, finds himself.”
  7. A Test of Strength: “The young are often underestimated.”
  8. Bound for Rescue: “When we rescue others, we rescue ourselves.”
  9. A Necessary Bond: “Choose your enemies wisely, as they may be your last hope.”
  10. Secret Weapons: “Humility is the only defense against humiliation.”
  11. A Sunny Day in the Void: “When all seems hopeless, a true hero gives hope.”
  12. Missing in Action: “A soldier’s most powerful weapon is courage.”
  13. Point of No Return: “You must trust in others or success is impossible.”
  14. Eminence: “One vision can have many interpretations.”
  15. Shades of Reason: “Alliances can stall true intentions.”
  16. The Lawless: “Morality separates heroes from villains.”
  17. Sabotage: “Sometimes even the smallest doubt can shake the greatest belief.”
  18. The Jedi who knew too much: “Courage begins by trusting oneself.”
  19. To catch a Jedi: “Never become desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy.”
  20. The Wrong Jedi: Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem.”


May the Force be with you!


Monstrous Moonshine. And Maths, obviously…

Math.  The dreaded word.

Everyone seems to hate math. For its unintuitive! It’s like, math doesn’t give a damn what we think is possible, or what we think is absurd. Math does exactly what it wants to do, because that’s all it can do. We may not always understand it, but sometimes, once in a blue moon, we get a peek behind the curtain. Once every few hundred years, we can prove that cicada mating rituals are related to weather on Mars, and briefly glimpse the universe in its true glory.

But what if math is not math, but really everything? What if physics is math? Like just maths?
Consider Monstrous Moonshine.




Pretty, Isn’t it?

Monstrous moonshine, or moonshine theory, is the unexpected connection between the monster group M and modular functions, in particular, the j function. (*Wiki)

Professor Richard Borcherds of Cambridge University was awarded [August 1998] the Fields Medal, the mathematicians’ equivalent of a Nobel Prize, for proving a highly abstruse result in number theory called the moonshine conjecture.

It seems it was given this name because it was based on a coincidence between a result in number theory and the number of symmetries in an exotic concept called the Monster object. It was thought so unlikely that two such distinct areas of mathematics should have anything in common that the conjecture was described as moonshine, and the name has stuck.

Professor Borcherds was quoted as saying, “I was over the moon when I proved the moonshine conjecture”, a nice conflation of two of the common evocations of the Moon in the language.

Moonshine originally meant the same as moonlight. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Snug asks whether the moon will shine the night they perform their play, and Bottom replies in a brief panic: “A calendar, a calendar! Look in the almanack; find out moonshine, find out moonshine!” It still has this literal meaning in poetical or elevated contexts but we no longer use it in that way in daily life, unlike the matching sunshine. Instead, it commonly means something insubstantial or unreal, and so foolish or visionary.

It is now known that lying behind monstrous moonshine is a vertex operator algebra called the moonshine module (or monster vertex algebra) constructed by Igor Frenkel, James Lepowsky, and Arne Meurman in 1988, having the monster group as symmetries. This vertex operator algebra is commonly interpreted as a structure underlying a two-dimensional conformal field theory, allowing physics to form a bridge between two mathematical areas.


This makes me wonder, what if physics is also a part of mathematics?

Read this paper on On a Final Theory of Mathematics and Physics.    Maybe it’s true! Worth a read.


Mathematicians Chase Moonshine’s Shadow-Scientific American




The IITian’s Dilemma…

Some Musings on Life:

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it,” said Oscar Wilde , the famous Irish playwright, novelist, essayist, and poet. We feel extremely sad when we fail to achieve something which we desire a lot. However, even those people who achieve their heart’s desire fail to live happily ever after as often shown in movies.

It is true that most students who desire to become an Engineer, wish to get into IIT to realize their dream. However, hardly one in a 100 realize their dream of getting into an IIT. Even those who get into IIT don’t get the choice branch and feel unhappy.

I had a colleague whose son got IIT-JEE (Advance) rank of around 200 a few years ago. Even he was unhappy because he could not get CSE (B Tech) in IIT Delhi and he had to accept the dual degree programme of CSE in IIT Delhi.

One of the greatest tragedies of all IITians is that they are too brilliant to fail in written examinations. Many of them get into IIM or do MBA/MS from a foreign university. They can easily get great jobs in corporate or government which ensures them a decent life and a respectable position in society.

However, this security of the job becomes their greatest hurdle when it comes to taking risks and become leader or an entrepreneur. Most IITians end up becoming just managers of top leaders. You would hardly see an IITian leading the country in politics, business or art. These top leadership positions go to such people who could not make it into an IIT.

If you list the top 100 most influential people of India, you would hardly find any IITian in the list.

Hence, if you are not an IITian, you must not be disappointed.

It is wisely said, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.”

Find out the window left open when your doors of IITs are closed.

There lies your path of success, happiness and glory.


(*Taken from a Quora Answer)